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Jimu robot is the only robotic building system that anyone can easily build into specific models or your own creations, program and code to move with any smart device, and get smarter with stem skills that will help you in school and life. Jimu robot engages kids with real robotics, utilizing real robotic servo motors and real robotic sensors for real robotic programming and coding.
Tankbot is the first Jimu robot that runs on treads. It also has an infrared sensor that allows it to follow your commands to pick up, or manoeuvre around objects.

Jimu Robot's easy and familiar drag-and-drop method of coding allows you to create everything from the very simple to very complex sequences. Learn as you play and master coding PRP (pose, record and playback). Programming new actions in your robot has never been easier! With our PRP system, simply hit the record button and move your robot into position for each step of the desired movement. Then stop recording and start again for the next step, until you have your completed action. Then name and save your new action to add to your collection of moves.

- Easy to follow 3D illustrated building instructions
- Pre-set movements and joystick to play with your Jimu robot
- Blockly and swift coding on iOS and android app
- Use your imagination to create your own Robots and share them with the global Jimu robot community
- Expandable with additional servos and character parts

- Dimensions: 20cm x 7cm x 25cm
- Weight: 1.55kg
- Suitable for children ages 8 years and older

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