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Treasure Rush

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Treasure Rush

Uncover a treasure map, and then make your way to the treasure chest as quickly as possible by lining up the right cards in front of you. The cards must form a path between your starting point and the chest, while following the order indicated on the treasure map. Since they are double sided, players rush to find the right card sides, trying to avoid confusion! Treasure Rush is a race and a quick game of observation. The beautiful illustrations take you into an Indiana Jones type adventure and the game play is exciting and crazy, promising lots of laughter for the whole family!

 Each player in Treasure Rush has a set of six double-sided adventurer cards, and they need to use these cards to find the treasure before everybody else.

But what treasure do they seek? Flip over the top treasure map card to see. This card will show a number of icons between the starting point and the X where the treasure is located. Once this card is revealed, you need to race to find the right images on your adventurer cards and build a path with them from your starting point toward the treasure chest. If the path is fewer than six items long, then you must hide the unneeded cards underneath other cards.

Whoever finishes first calls done, and if their path is correct, they win the treasure map card; if not, then they're out of the round and everyone else continues the race to be first. Whoever first claims five treasure map cards wins!

Players: 2 to 4
Ages: 7 and up
Duration: 10 mins

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