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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Art Sleeves: Rey

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Card Games Ages: 14 and up  Geek South Africa

In these uncertain times, it is important to make sure that you and those you care about are safe from damage. You can protect your cards and evoke the exciting scenes of battles and movement of the Awakens force with the cover of a new style of Star Wars card. If you are feeling the call to the dark side, you can choose the sleeves or limited edition card of the first order Kylo Ren, with King's drawing of the power of the dark side as seen in the awakening of the force. If you want to resort to the power of darkness, you cannot make better use of these limited edition card sleeves. With the feature of the BB-8 sleeves sleeves or King Limited Edition card, your card is inspiring Art from two of your favorite protagonists since the awakening of the force.

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