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Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Maul Villain Pack

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Board Games Ages: 13 and up  Geek South Africa

With the villain Maul pack, you can bring one of the deadly Galaxy Force to the users of their Imperial Assault games, either as a powerful Piece in the campaign of the Imperial player's greatest designs or as a member of the non-recessed Mercenary faction, ready to join any army that could Skirmish allow him even more his own interests.
In any case, you will find Maul eager to claim Vengeance. To do this, I can be willing to Stick Coruscant of shadows and skyrises for a short time, the Stalking to his prey, but it won't be long before his Rage and Fury get the best of him. Then, when Maul leaps and bounds at the desired height with his iconic dual-bladed lightsaber, you will find him more than capable of cutting cleanly through the Defenses of any who stand against him. And while much about this former Sith is shrouded in mystery, it allows you to quickly learn that he's sustained by Rage and almost always looking for a fight.

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