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Ravnica: Inquisition

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Board Games Ages: 12 and up , 5-10 Players Geek South Africa

The fate of Ravnica hangs in the balance!
Join the Gatewatch or pledge your loyalty to Nicol Bolas in Ravnica: Inquisition, a social deduction game set on the Magic: The Gathering plane of Ravnica. Each player takes on the role of a representative of a Ravnican Guild that is either loyal to the Gatewatch or an Agent of Bolas. The Gatewatch loyalists are tasked with discovering who the Agents of Bolas are, while the Agents of Bolas simply need to survive in order to further the schemes of Nicol Bolas.
Players will elect leaders for each of the 5 colours, but only players whose guild’s colour pair contains the colour may be voted for. Each colour leader has a special power they can use to further their goals, so players must be careful when voting, lest Nicol Bolas’ influence grow. Once all the colour leaders have been elected, a vote is held to eliminate 1 player. Once the dust has settled, players will reveal their roles, and if the Agents of Bolas were eliminated, the Gatewatch wins!
A social deduction game for 5-10 players, Ravnica: Inquisition is great for both fans of party games and fans of Magic: The Gathering!
10 Role Cards
10 Guild Cards
5 Colour Leader Cards
5 Targeting Cards
Ablaze Marker
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