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Railroad Ink: Promo Board

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Railroad Ink: Promo Board
Railroad Ink: Promo Board

Promo board with that mixes the blue and red editions. Please note that this is an expansion for the Railroad Ink Blue and Red editions.
Can be used for a 7th player, or for a 13th player when combining the red and blue edition.

Easter egg: if you put the boards contained in each edition next to each other on their backs, the artworks can be assembled to create 1 big illustration. The artwork on the back of the promo board can be used to join the artworks from both editions to create one huge illustration spanning over 13 boards!
(Alessandro Pra' of Horrible Games)

Was handed out at Essen Spiel 2018 when buying both the Deep Blue and Blazing Red editions, and contains an additional pen.

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