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Power House Expriment Kit (V2.0)

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Power House Expriment Kit (V2.0) STEM Geek South Africa
Power House Expriment Kit (V2.0)

Human civilizations energy consumption is growing. At the same time, The harmful environmental impact of our energy usage is becoming apparent. A massive global effort to adopt renewable energy and use our Resources more sustainably has begun. To live sustainably, we must use Earth’s Resources at a rate at which they can be replenished, and thus provide for future generations to live as we have. With this kit, you can learn about alternative energy and sustainable living by conducting 100 experiments and building energy-related models. Build the power house and then conduct experiments in and around the house. Learn about energy-efficient construction materials and passive house design. Experiment with heating, cooling, conduction, convection, and Insulation. Investigate Earth’s climate, The water cycle, and that inexhaustible power plant in the sky: The sun. Test passive solar collection methods with a solar collector. Hook up a photovoltaic solar panel to generate electricity from sunlight. Build wind turbines to extract energy from the wind. Construct a greenhouse and learn about the energy conservation tricks used by plants. Power house provides a comprehensive overview of the many forms of alternative energy, and makes environmental protection and energy conservation issues tangible with hands-on models. The 64-page, full-colour experiment manual provides instructions, scientific explanations, and energy-saving tips.

Engaging introduction to renewable energy
Teaches user about sustainable living using Sun, Wind, plants and chemical reaction energy sources.
Basic concepts in Physical science
Model house using energy related devices

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