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Mr. Jack (Revised Edition)

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Mr. Jack (Revised Edition)
Mr. Jack (Revised Edition)
Mr. Jack (Revised Edition)

Mr. Jack is an enthralling two player detective board game. One player plays the infamous 'Jack' whilst the other is the detective and must unmask him before the break of dawn.

Mr. Jack is a thrilling detective game for two players. Each player has a different role and a different objective; the detective must crack the case whilst Mr. Jack must try and escape.

Set in Whitechapel, London in 1888, eight investigators have come together to try and track down Mr. Jack, who is still at large and terrorising the neighborhood. However, Mr. Jack is trying to avoid deduction by pretending to be one of them. Can the detective unmask the criminal before it's too late?!

By moving each character in and out of the darkness, the detective player makes successive deductions to uncover which investigator is in fact Jack - then they must try to catch the infamous Mr. Jack. The opponent, playing Jack, must do his best to delay the investigation or even try to use the darkness to secretly flee the district!

Mr. Jack is an enthralling two player game full of intrigue and tension. The rules are not too complex and it has plenty of replay value as players can reverse roles.

  • Approximately 30 minute play time
  • 2 player
  • Ages 9 +

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