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Lord of Hellas

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Lord of Hellas
Lord of Hellas
Lord of Hellas

In the board game Lords of Hellas, you can choose from various actions and influence the game thanks to the mighty monuments of base Gods: Zeus, Athena, and Hermes. You need to strategically move your armies and hero as well as manage your actions in order to win.

1 to 4 players
Ages 14 and up
60 to 90 minutes play time

You control an asymmetric hero, developed by increasing his 3 basic statistics and gathering artifacts. The main statistics are:

• Leadership that will help you to move your armies
• Strength that will empower you to successfully hunt for monsters
• Speed that will make your hero move faster

Players can win in various ways: by controlling area, temples, or slaying monsters that are wandering through the map and interfere in various ways. Once any victory condition is met, the game ends (there is no point system).

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