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Goths Save The Queen

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Goths Save The Queen
Goths Save The Queen
Goths Save The Queen

In this board game the Ostrogoth's & Visigoths have kept their rivalries relatively peaceful by marrying the daughter of one clan’s King to the King of the other Clan. And everything was fine. Until one day, vile brigands captured the young Queen. Forgetting their Alliance, the two sovereigns blamed each other for her disappearance, and went to war again, one trying to rescue his daughter, the other trying to rescue his Queen. But the methods for communication in those times were not particularly reliable; there was no guarantee that the order issued would be correctly executed on the ground. As a result, the conflict quickly became a bit… chaotic.

  • Each side is comprised of a team of two players, the King who gives orders and the war chief who tries to interpret them correctly;
  • Making things even more interesting, teammates are Forbidden from communicating with each other!
  • Add an extra copy of the game and play up to eight players! variants available online.

4-8 Players (with extra copy)
Ages 10 & up
Plays in 20 minutes

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