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Galaxy Trucker (SolarPop)

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Galaxy Trucker (SolarPop)
Galaxy Trucker (SolarPop)
Galaxy Trucker (SolarPop)
Galaxy Trucker (SolarPop)
Galaxy Trucker (SolarPop)

Galaxy Trucker is a science-fiction board game for two to four players.

Corporation Incorporated is a construction firm that builds sewer systems and low-income houses on under-developed planets. Galaxy Corp Inc. has been on the verge of bankruptcy which has resulted in the company transporting building materials to the edge of the Galaxy, where the need for their services is highest. Corporation Incorporated was saved by a few individuals who decided to not ship the materials to the edge of Galaxy and instead build the materials into spacecraft and let them ship themselves. The players now just sign a contract, and then gain access to Corp Inc. Warehouse. The player can build their own space ship from the available prefabricated materials and fly it to the Periphery (edge of the Galaxy). The player may lose money, but any gains made are theirs to keep, and Corporation Incorporated will pay a bonus for quick delivery. It’s possible that the player will end up with an immense amount of debt and end up begging for money on the street or they may just might find themselves among the 10 billion richest people in the Galaxy.

Players: 2 to 4
Ages: 10 and up
Duration: 60 mins

As is often the case with expansions, The Big Expansion includes a number of mix-and-match components:

  • Pieces and rules for five-player games.
  • An updated version of Rough Road Ahead, a set of cards previously released in a downloadable format on the Czech Games website that will be expanded and reformatted.
  • Additional adventure cards, including two previously available only at Spiel 07.
  • A special deck of adventure cards that players individually insert into the deck themselves to surprise their fellow drivers.
  • A new alien species.
  • New shipbuilding components, including life support for the new ET.
  • New ship classes.

The expansion is not fully compatible with the first edition of Galaxy Trucker, due to component differences. A compatibility kit has been produced, containing replacement components for the base game, but as of March 2009 it is not yet widely available.

Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion is just as big as the Big one: New tiles, new support team to be hired to enhance your shipbuilding experience, new ship classes, including huge IV ships.

Yes, you may also fly round IV, and you can be sure the cards are extra nasty there – especially the intruders that board your ship, wander around, and eat or blow up your stuff unless your heroic crew beats them. Wait... that's a different game, right? Aren't we speaking rather about Space Alert now? Well...it seems this "let's board a ship and eat its crew" mode spreads pretty fast in the known universe these days, as with this expansion, it can happen also in Galaxy Trucker.

Galaxy Trucker: Latest Models consists of new game boards for 2-5 players with model C spaceships. Class 1C and 2C come on the same game board with colour denoting spaces that can be used in 2C but not in 1C. Asteroids that approach the spaceship from the front or from behind sometimes swoop around to hit the ship on the side, and asteroids that approach from the side sometimes split in half and hit the ship twice! A structural rift down the center of the spaceship requires universal connectors to connect only with other universal connectors when bridging this rift. So much for their universality

Galaxy Trucker: Missions - What's more fun than flying a spaceship made of sewer pipes? Flying a spaceship made of sewer pipes, radioactive isotopes, and high explosives!

This expansion takes features from the Galaxy Trucker digital game and puts them on your table. Get ready to haul superheavy cargo, dangerous artifacts, and tasty beverages conveniently packaged in bottles of glass. Does this sound too easy? The new adventure super cards will double the danger!

This expansion requires only the base Galaxy Trucker game. Each flight becomes a special mission with a unique way of defining and rewarding success.

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