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Cuzco is a new 2018 edition of Java from French publisher Super Meeple that moves the action to South America, which is in line with the other titles in the Mask Trilogy as well as the authors' original plans for the design.

CUZCO is our third installment in the trilogy of masks by famous authors M. Kiesling and W. Kramer.

This is the new edition of JAVA, which was published in 2000 between TIKAL and MEXICA. Once again, we have taken special care in the material and design of the game for your enjoyment.

'Cuzco' replaces the name of 'Java'. Indeed, during its first edition, the name changed and the place had moved to Indonesia on the island of Java. It seemed logical to us to give the game its initial name desired by the authors and replace it again among the other peoples of ancient South America!

After the people of the Aztecs of MEXICA, that of the Mayas of TIKAL, here we are with the Inca people in CUZCO.

Embodying Inca dignitaries, you and your clan will come to the CUZCO plateau in Peru to build the city, erect temples, and make offerings to the gods in order to gain prestige and become Emperor of the Inca people!

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