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This game is played on a large board like a soccer field, approx 100x80cm. The players each have a rotating plastic gun attached to their end of the board, behind a wire goal frame. The idea is to fire ball bearings from the gun to knock your puck into your opponents goal, and keep theirs away from yours. The board is slightly curved to cause the balls to roll into pots at each end for re-use.

A new version has been released by MB. The new version has more than one puck, and a smaller, rounded board. The original version came out in the 1970's and had a rectangular board and simple round pucks.

Suggestion: Wear protection (e.g. a glove) on your firing hand - the moulded plastic gun trigger will give you a blister.

Game variation: Place two differently coloured sets of toy soldiers on the board - shoot your opponents army while avoiding your own. Use loosely packed LEGO for fortress walls.

Designed by: (Uncredited)
Players: 2
Published by: Arxon, Ideal, Milton Bradley
Year Published: 1971
Recommended Ages: 7+
Time to Play: 10 minutes

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