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Clicformers Speedwheel Set 34 pcs (10 in 1)

Sale price R 450.00 Regular price R 454.00
Kids Educational 1-6 Players , Ages: 4 and up  Geek South Africa

Fast, faster, fastest! That’s what it’s all about in this Clicformers Speed Wheel Set. Literally in this case, because all creations of this construction box run on wheels. This set of construction toys is the favorite of every car lover. You can build a lot of different types of cars, one faster or more aerodynamically than the other, but all as dazzling and special. Futuristic, tough, realistic or retro-cool? This Speed Wheel Set of Clicformers has it all. You build cars that break all speed records and with which you get admiring looks. Because everyone would like to have such a fleet! The Clicformers cars fit everywhere: on a racecourse, a stylish wedding, a vintage car show or just on the road. They go wherever your fantasy brings them, quickly, smoothly and on 4 wheels! Clicformers building toy is a durable educational toy, always compatible with each other. Kids love it. Exactly why Clicformers is good for hours of fun. The fact children learn while playing games is a real bonus for many parents and educators, because Clicformers stimulates the cognitive and motor development of children. In short, Clicformers is the top choice of educational toys.

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