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Clicformers Mini Transportation Set - 30P (4 in 1)

Sale price R 259.00 Regular price R 277.00
Kids Educational 1-6 Players , Ages: 4 and up  Geek South Africa

You’ll be on a roll with this Mini Transportation Set of Clicformers. Your own creations will be rolling across your room from now on. With this Mini Transportation Set and accompanying building plans you can build a car, plane or bus. Do you prefer water? Then the boat will be your absolute favorite. You will build these 4 constructions completely on your own and you’ll have created your own toy universe in no time. Clicformers is a durable educational toy. It means that you become smarter when playing with it and that you can play with it for years. Children age 4 and up develop their fine motor skills with it, what makes Clicformers an excellent toddler toy. The amazing thing about Clicformers is that it’s still a fun toy for children up to 12 years! And because Clicformers is a smart toy, it keeps on fascinating. Which means that this toy grows with your child. More complex constructions are built again and again by clicking the blocks and accessories in different ways. Clicformers is therefore very sustainable and resistant to years of building, disassembling and rebuilding. So it’s construction toys in its purest way, with the only risk that your children won’t get enough of it. Let’s be honest: that’s what fun toys are all about.

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