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Clicformers Basic Set - 110 pcs

Sale price R 706.00 Regular price R 757.00
Kids Educational 1-6 Players , Ages: 4 and up  Geek South Africa

Unbelievable what you can build with 78 Clicformers and 32 accessories. Really, this Basic Set of 110 pieces is the dream of young, little engineers and creative princesses from 4 to 12 years old. The construction toys of Clicformers make the imagination lose control. You can build nearly everything. How about a cute duck or a trendy handbag? Not for you? Maybe you prefer a tough truck, a smart satellite or a great rocket? Or maybe a scorpion? You got it…, with Clicformers construction toys, you can create everything you’re dreaming of in no time. You can use the included inspiration book with building plans or use your imagination. The result is always breathtaking. Clicformers is a durable and fun toy where you can’t get enough of. That’s why it’s very popular as toddler toys to let children discover colors and shapes, but also as toys with which children – depending on their age – are going to build increasingly complex constructions. This box contains enough building toys to be creative for hours, but also if your limitless fantasy reaches further than the amount of Clicformers in this box, you don’t have to worry. All Clicformers boxes are mutually combinable for even more play fun. Because they’re educational toys, you don’t only make fun, you also become smarter. 3D-thinking becomes better, which will be in your favor for math class. That’s our little secret… Sssst, don’t tell anyone, but Clicformers is the best way to become smarter by playing endlessly. The best reason to have some extra of these toys and to play with them very often!

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