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Back to the Future 88 MPH T-Shirts

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Back to the Future 88 MPH T-Shirts
Back to the Future 88 MPH T-Shirts
Back to the Future we go at the speed which is required to travel through time (142 kph).

"If my calculations are correct when this sucker reachers 88 mph, you’re going to see some serious shit!" 
-Doc Brown 1:19am Saturday October 26 1985

Please note that bigger sizes may be available if the supplier has a stock of those sizes.  If you would like a larger size T-shirt please contact us at info@geek-boutique.co.za  so that we can determine if the stock is available and quote.

If you have a T-shirt design that you would like custom printed or would like one of these designs in a different colour (see the swatch below) or on a Vest, Long Sleeved T-shirt, Sweater or Hoodie then please email us at info@geek-boutique.co.za with details of what you are looking for.

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