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Dolomar's Dungeon Denizens

Through our partnership with a local 3D printing company based in Durban we are able to order custom 3D resin prints for all your geek and gaming needs.

This includes miniatures, terrain, cosplay items, stamps, toys, cookie cutters, custom orders, etc but can be anything you can obtain an .STL file for. 

Our partner is a table-top gamer himself and so takes pride in the quality of his prints.

To get a quote for your print please send the .STL file to wolf@geek-boutique.co.za and we will quote you based upon the size and complexity of the print.

NB! The design and creation of the required .STL file is for the customers account.  We are happy to offer advice about sourcing these files and recommend the following options to do so:

Here is the price range that the miniatures will fall into:

Size: 1 inch Map Sqr Price (Low) Price (High)
Tiny 0.25 R25.00 R50.00
Small 1 R50.00 R100.00
Medium 1 R90.00 R175.00
Large 4 R150.00 R500.00
Huge 9 R500.00 R1,700.00
Gargantuan 16 R1,600.00 R8,100.00