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Wolf's Recommendations For Games By Age Category

Jeremy Morris

One of the questions I get asked the most is what games should I get for my x-year-old son or daughter.  Here are some recommendations for ages 3 to 18.

AGES 3+ Spot it! 123 (Box)

AGES 4+ My First Bohnanza

AGES 5+ My First Stone Age

AGE 6+ Dixit

AGE 7+ Mice and Mystics

AGE 8+ Planet

AGES 9+ Konja

AGES 10+ Disney Villainous Game

AGES 11+ Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

AGE 12+ Evolution - New Box

AGE 13+ Sheriff of Nottingham

AGES 14+ Star Wars Legion Core Set

AGES 15+ That's a Question!

AGES 16+ Detective a Modern Crime Board Game

AGE 17+ Legendary Encounters Predator

AGE 18+ Rick and Morty Anatomy Park

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